VFS Inc. has been financing apparatus for Volunteer Fire Companies for over 18 years. Beginning in May, 2004 Volunteer's Financial Services was proud to announce their association with Glick Fire Equipment as the primary financier of Pierce fire apparatus. This relationship presents a continuing advancement of professional services rendered to all past, present and future Glick Fire Equipment customers. We look forward to serving your financial needs for the purchase of new Pierce fire apparatus.

Take advantage of prepayment discounts offered by Glick Fire Equipment – it may knock over $10,000. or more off the price! VFS Inc. will arrange all of the financing for the prepayment as well as a 2% PEMA State Loan. VFS will provide all of the services listed below to the Fire Company at NO CHARGE when we arrange the total finance package – we will put that in writing, no one else does!!

Process credit application and PEMA loan application
Arrange advertising for public meeting (IRS requirement)
All legal opinions of financing performed by our attorney
Payments to Pierce paid direct through our office
Call toll-free :
Tel: (888) 490-8371
Fax: (215) 493-1149
Our office is located at,
301 Oxford Valled Rd Suite 1303A
Yardley, PA 19067